Curriculum Development:

Having the technology and knowing how to use it are just small portions of implementing courses for successful student learning. Understanding how to incorporate technology into the curriculum to engage students of all levels and abilities toward deeper knowledge and musical expression. The goal is to teach music and music skills for students at specific stages of cognitive and musical development and to utilize technology tools appropriate for your students and your goals for learning. Curriculum development is a combined effort of your background knowledge and curricular goals and my 20 years of experience integrating and using technology to teach music. Together, we build a program that is engaging and fun for students while being agile enough for you to respond to student needs.

Lab & Studio Construction:

Multimedia labs are essential for advanced, real life, hands-on experience for students of all ages. Labs can be used by multiple departments where necessary or expand on the offerings of music departments. Music labs can be used for a multitude of class offerings in a music department including music composition, music technology, music theory, guitar, recording, and audio engineering. Traditional performance ensembles can use labs to augment learning music history, theory, and composition. As a separate classroom or part of an existing room, the needed technology and infrastructure must be considered with your district’s needs in mind.