Getting Audio Into Your QuickTime Screen Recording

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The new version of QuickTime (version 10.2 running on OS 10.8 or greater) allows you to take a screen recording of your computer. Getting audio requires a few tricks. The easiest way, albeit a bit “old school”, is to use a hard-wire to get sound from your computer back into your computer. Get a 1/8” stereo to 1/8” stereo audio … Read More

Course Calendar Summer 2013

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This is the Accelerated Format for the course Teaching Music with GarageBand. The Accelerated Format delivers 10 sessions (Units) over a 5-week period. The course Units overlap Saturday through Wednesday and Tuesday through Saturday. One Unit is made available on Saturday morning by 8 AM (EST). Participant’s assignments for this Unit are due by Monday (midnight PST) with responses to … Read More

Summer Course Starts in One Week!

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The MusicEdTech online course Teaching Music with GarageBand for three graduate credits begins in one week on June 16, 2012. There are only a couple of seats left so register today!   For more information of the course, please visit the information page.   To register for the course, please visit the registration page.   If you would like to … Read More

ATMI 2010: Reflections

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I had the honor of presenting a session at ATMI (Association for Technology in Music Instruction) 2010 conference in Minneapolis, MN. I have never been to a conference of university & college professors. It was very different from K-12 educator’s or industry specific conferences that I have attended. Sessions were basically in two categories, presentations of research on topics of … Read More

Boost Rehearsal Attendance for Community & School Performing Ensembles

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I was asked via a Twitter post ( to provide some tips on how to boost attendance at community band rehearsals. I suppose these tips would hold true for any community-performing group that relies on volunteers for its organization and even applies to school organizations. If you really think about it, school music ensembles are really made up of volunteers. … Read More

Student Music New CD Avaiable on iTunes

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FINALLY! The 2008-2009 GHS Student Music CD is available on iTunes. Just go to the iTunes Store search box and type “Greenwich High School”. The CD includes Emily’s piece “Gothic Memory Land” that was the First Place winner in the NSBA/MENC Electronic Music Competition. Enjoy!