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Basics of Audio for the Music Educator Topics discussed will include different types of microphones – dynamic, condenser, ribbon- and their uses, with specific examples and models of each from various companies, different types of recording devices, including portable, hand-held, and various computer audio interfaces. Tips for how to record in different environments, including the music classroom, rehearsal room, and ... Read More

Sound Systems for the 21st-Century Classroom

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My article, “Sound Systems for the 21st- Century Classroom” was featured in the November 2016 Texas Music Educators magazine Southwestern Musician. To see a pdf version of the article, click HERE.  Some of the items referenced in the article can be seen in the links below. The are examples of some of the products you can use in your classroom. Other … Read More

Getting Audio Into Your QuickTime Screen Recording

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The new version of QuickTime (version 10.2 running on OS 10.8 or greater) allows you to take a screen recording of your computer. Getting audio requires a few tricks. The easiest way, albeit a bit “old school”, is to use a hard-wire to get sound from your computer back into your computer. Get a 1/8” stereo to 1/8” stereo audio … Read More

Course Calendar Summer 2013

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This is the Accelerated Format for the course Teaching Music with GarageBand. The Accelerated Format delivers 10 sessions (Units) over a 5-week period. The course Units overlap Saturday through Wednesday and Tuesday through Saturday. One Unit is made available on Saturday morning by 8 AM (EST). Participant’s assignments for this Unit are due by Monday (midnight PST) with responses to … Read More

A Blended Learning Experiment in the High School Music Technology Classroom: Part 1

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I decided to do an experiment with my Introduction to Electronic Music classes. I created an entire unit that I would give very little “live” explanation about the assignments but provided students with detailed assignment sheets, complete with graphics, and corresponding video explaining and demonstrating how to do each assignment in the software. All the teaching and work would be done in class just as always except, this time, they would be listening and watching me explain and demonstrate via video screen-cast. The unit I chose was the Final Project. Suffice to say, things are much better than expected!