New Music Ed Tech Online Courses

Through a combination of live video-conferencing webinars and connection in a secure online classroom, Music Ed Tech offers a new format for professional development online courses.

Each course includes:

  • 4 x 75 minute live webinar sessions (if you cant attend a session, it will be prerecorded and made available to you)
  • Live webinar session notes including any reference sheets and charts
  • List of resources to use in the classroom
  • Practice tasks and assignments between sessions
  • Post your music, get feedback, ask questions, network and interact with other course participants and the instructor in the Music Ed Tech Moodle Classroom
  • Free access to Music Ed Tech and third-party video instruction
  • Access to the video recordings of the live webinar sessions
  • Professional development certificate of completion is available. Please check with your district about requirements and pre-approval before registering for the course.
  • Tuition is $295 per course
  • Graduate credit (one) is optional and available for an additional $175

Don’t just learn software. Learn how to teach with it.



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Using the TPACK model (, Music Ed Tech courses provide participants with effective tools and techniques to integrate technology immediately in their classrooms. It’s more than just learning the technology. Its learning how to use the technology to teach desired music concepts and student learning outcomes all in the context of musical creativity.

Is an online class for me?

For more information, see the Online Course FAQ.