March 2012 Music Education Blog Carnival

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Music Advocacy

Ariel Herzog presents 5 Steps to Learning an Instrument posted at Everything About Classical Music, saying, “This is a crucial article for musicians at any level.”


Music Education

Elizabeth Heist presents Small and Mighty posted at Music Education Highlights.

Joseph Pisano presents Public Attitudes Toward Public Schools and Using Pinterest for Curating Music Ed. Ideas, posted atMusTech.Net, saying “A quick post spotlighting to of the “web 2.0” projects that my undergraduates have created.”

James Crocker presents Ever wish your kid had an off switch? posted at Playing With Sound, saying, “This is a game for introducing preschool and kindergarten children to music-making for the very first time.”

John Kelleher presents Teaching pitch notation posted at Teacher and Musician, saying, “A blog entry challenging the way that pitch notation is usually taught.”

Alisha Gabriel presents Hogs in the Cornfield? the first song request! posted at Alisha Gabriel, saying, “One of the goals of my blog and website is to provide free resources for teachers who wish to utilize technology in their classrooms and a few suggestions on how they might incorporate the posted folk songs.”

Steve Hayes presents A Circle of 5th for Every Band Student posted at A Teacher’s Coda.

Mike Finkel presents Re-program Your Life posted at Discover, Learn, and Play – Kore Series Blog.

Craig Coggle presents The Benefits of Education Through Music posted at Maverick Music Teachers.

Music Pedagogy

Chris Cooper presents 3 Ways to Make the Warm Up Relevant for Students posted atCooper’s Divertimento, saying, “I hope you find this interesting. The books of Ed Lisk really opened my eyes to the major flaw of using the exact same warm up routine every day. This article details a few of the tactics I’ve used to provide a warm up that is structure, but still changes each day depending on the literature we’re working on. Enjoy!”

colcifer presents Time Signatures Aren’t Real posted at colcifer.

Christopher Jones presents Clarinet Left Hand Position posted at Clarinet Now Blog, saying, “Proper Clarinet Left Hand Position is very important to improving technique and having a chance at crossing the break smoothly. Clarinet playing is from the knuckles down, if you move your wrist (or wrists), you are in trouble as far as attempting to play the clarinet smoothly. Get a mirror and check this out and hopefully improve…”

Jessica Mullen presents Q & A with Dr. Amanda Pepping, Assistant Professor of Music at Georgia State University posted at Mullen Music Studio Blog, saying, “Band students from our surrounding area submitted questions for guest artist, Dr. Amanda Pepping.”

Music Technology

Samuel Wright presents Musical Ear posted at Wright-Stuff Music, saying, “A new program that integrates with Sibelius notation software for aural training, worksheet creating, singing, theory and more.”

Sarah Mayer presents iPad Reflections posted at Composing Music Education.


Jonny presents 8 Advantages you gain from Playing an Instrument posted at Smart blog, saying, “This may seem like an unusual post, but it is definitively related. I discuss the advantages/benefits that you gain from playing a musical instrument. I wish you all the best for the future.”


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