MENC Gets a New NAfME

Barbara FreedmanInternet, teaching1 Comment

As of September 1, 2011, the organization formerly known as Music Educators National Conference ( MENC) changed its name to National Association of Music Educators or NAfME. NAfME traces it’s roots back to 1907 when it was first called the Music Supervisors National Conference according to today’s press release (

NAfME sports a great looking new logo and some changes to it’s website. As difficult as it may be for those of us referring to this organization as MENC for so many years, I really like the new name. Everyone knows exactly what this organization does and how it relates to me professionally by calling it National Association of Music Educators. No explanations needed.

Now about that short name… or nafme….

An interesting exchange has been taking place on Twitter. I first noticed this yesterday:

An expected response:

Today we had a few other interactions and an English lesson:

At this point I would have expected a lesson in manners but here’s what followed:

and then:

If anyone was keeping score, I’ll give extra points to NAfME for dropping this!

In spite of the English lessons, I’m still liking NAfME and I, for one, will take the Americanism of the acronym or initialism or whatever you want to call it.

Only time will tell how most music teachers will refer to their organization but no matter. I am looking forward to a new name ringing in a new era for MENC… oops! NAfME!!!!

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