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There’s so much great information and exercises available on line for basic music skills and beginning music theory. To make it easier for my students, I sorted through a few sites to create a pdf of links categorized by subject, rhythms, treble clef, bass clef, etc. Most of the links are from Adam Ricci’s ( and Karen Garrett’s Music Techie Teacher (

When I use these with my high school students, I need to preface my use of Karen’s materials with a little talk about the available materials for beginning music theory. Most of it is made for elementary school aged kids. I don’t mean to insult their intelligence or treat them like little kids. I just think these materials are more engaging and interesting than making them do worksheets in class. Don’t tell my students but the truth is they are kids and they love games. Yes, these are simple games but they love playing them anyway! They are engaged and learning. That’s what counts.

I hope you find this list helpful.

Links for Beginning Theory & Other Tools

Music Theory

This site is full of lessons and exercises on basic music theory:

Note Recognition Links

Click on each line of text or use the arrows on the bottom right corner to navigate through each lesson or exercise. Don’t forget to turn the volume to “on” on your computer!

The following Link brings you to the Exercises section of this website. Click a topic (i.e. “Note Identification”) then scroll to the bottom left and click the box “Start exercise”. Check out the Keyboard & Fretboard Identification.

More Note Recognition & Games!

Tempo Tapper

Want to figure out how fast (beats per minute/bpm) something goes? Want to test how well you keep a tempo?

Virtual Keyboards

Click here to download this as a pdf: BeginTheoryLinks