Podcasting Mics: BLUE Snowball

Barbara Freedmanpodcast, Reviews2 Comments

I just love how easy this mic is to use and how good it sounds. It comes with a desk top stand and you can get the suspension mount separately or some dealers sell all three as a package. I also use a pop filter that attaches to the shock mount. Plug the USB into the computer, make sure the System Preferences and software preferences (that’s in the Sound menu for each) recognizes the mic and you are good to go. Since this mic does not have any external gain control, you’ll have to set the Input level in the System preferences. A little experimenting and you’ll get the right input for your voice or instrument. Yeah, go ahead and try this bad boy out on an acoustic guitar, piano or any other instrument. I’s really meant to be used up close so you won’t get enough sensitivity for making a good recording of your chorus or band but it might work out really nicely for practice recordings. It depends on the volume of your ensemble and the room you are in. Try it!


BLUE Snowball