Getting Audio Into Your QuickTime Screen Recording

The new version of QuickTime (version 10.2 running on OS 10.8 or greater) allows you to take a screen recording of your computer. Getting audio requires a few tricks. The easiest way, albeit a bit “old school”, is to use a hard-wire to get sound from your computer back into your computer.

Get a 1/8” stereo to 1/8” stereo audio cable. This is the same cable you use to get music from your phone or iPad into your car audio system. You can get them at any local audio or even phone supply store (Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc.) or click here. Hosa Cable CMM103 Stereo Minijack Cable – 3 Foot

1:8 plug

Put one end into the computer headphone jack and the other end into the computers input jack. These are usually located next to each other.

Go to your computer System Preferences > Sound > Input > Audio Line In

SystemPref Audio

Once the cable is plugged in, the Output will automatically default to Headphone but check it in the System Preferences just to be sure.

When you go to record in QuickTime, there is a little triangle pull down menu in the record screen. Choose “Built –In Line Input: Line In”.

QuickTime Audio


When you play back your recording, don’t forget to unplug the cable to hear the sound out of your speakers!

The “ high tech” way to get audio from QuickTime screen cast is to use a third application called SoundFlower. It’s a little cumbersome to get going but if you have the inclination and time to set it up, it works great. There are many YouTube videos and print resources on the web explaining SoundFlower.

Sometimes low tech is good.

How do you screen record and capture audio?

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Course Calendar Summer 2013

This is the Accelerated Format for the course Teaching Music with GarageBand. The Accelerated Format delivers 10 sessions (Units) over a 5-week period. The course Units overlap Saturday through Wednesday and Tuesday through Saturday. One Unit is made available on Saturday morning by 8 AM (EST). Participant’s assignments for this Unit are due by Monday (midnight PST) with responses to classmates assignments due Wednesday (midnight PST). Another Unit is made available Tuesday morning by 8 AM (EST). Participant’s assignments for this Unit are due by Thursday (midnight PST) with responses to classmates assignments due Saturday (midnight PST). The calendar for the Summer 2013 class is below.

July 2013

August 2013



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TMEA/TI:ME 2013 Handouts

Session copyMy session had over 400 people.

Everything in bigger in Texas!


Here are the Handouts (.pdf) for my three sessions from this last weekend TMEA/TI:ME conference:


Mixing HO

FreeTech HO



Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer

Roland has just introduced a hand-held device for vocalists, the Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer in Black.

I first saw this device when I was in Tampa for the Florida Music Educators Association conference (FMEA). Dr. Kathy Kerstetter had just purchased the device. I contacted Dr. Kerstetter after the conference and asked if she loved her new Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer and she said,

Read the rest of Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer

A Blended Learning Experiment in the High School Music Technology Classroom: Part 1