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I gave two technology sessions at the CMEA 2011 In Service Conference. Click on the links below to download the handouts.

Thursday, April 7, 1:15 PMĀ  TeachMusicHandout2

Friday, April 8, 10:15 AM – 12:15 AM GarageBand

Thanks for attending my sessions. Please let me know if I can assist you further. Contact me click HERE.


  • Barbara, your Friday sessions at the CMEA conference were fun and informative. You have a great command of the techo territory and are really good at dispelling the “fear” that accompanies those who are not familiar with this venue and don’t have much experience teaching it.
    Put me on your mailing list! I hope to attend more of your workshops.
    -Janet Rosen

  • Barbara, your Friday session at CMEA was fun and informative. You have a real command of the techno territory! And, you are good at dispelling the fear that accompanies those of us with weaker technology chops. Let me know when you are doing more workshops- I’d like to be there!

  • I just wanted to let you know that I love the premise of your blog… some times I think many music ed bloggers get way too caught up in the technology piece, and forget that technology can be used as a tool to help us learn music.