Is Internet Filtering In Schools Censorship?

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This post was prompted from the following Tweet:

Twitter March 26, 2010: @mbteach RT @NMHS_Principal: A simple fix for Internet censorship in schools

The article referenced above was based on an interview of Craig Cunningham, a professor at National-Louis University by the author, Mitch Wagner, entitled,

  • Feel blessed that you have a code to put in to access sites you want to see. I cannot even access most Google Images and battle our Filtering Committee over sites on a weekly basis.

    What you didn’t mention in your post is that many schools don’t block sites out of goodwill, but rather to comply with the CIPA law.

    We do have a responsibility to teach our students responsibility and set limits for them. The difference, I believe, is that many schools and districts blindly block sites without regard to their educational value. In addition, it is also our job as educators to teach our students responsible use of computers and the Internet.

    I’m happy to hear that you are helping your students build a ‘moral compass’ outside of your classroom. Keep pushing your Democratic, liberal agenda on those kids while raking in those big bucks. ;oP

  • Here’s a link to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA Law)
    Thanks for your thoughftul comments!

  • I totally agree with you, the blocking issues are not helping students, just hindering the educational process. We need to be responsible digital educators. Many of the “higher ups” never taught one class with the computer or internet. They are more concerned about the two p’s – porn and predators. The fact is you cannot completely filter porn and the chances of students being involved with a predator on the internet is lower than going to the mall. I also wrote a blogpost about this issue –
    My students all know the “back doors,” and the sites they want to use are all educational sites that they want to learn. Some even keep a “cheat sheet” of googles they want when they get home and the filters are off!