Classroom Management via the Internet & Intranet

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My most advanced class has 22 students. This is their third or fourth year in a class with me. Most of them are friends outside my class, wicked smart, highly skilled musicians & composers and lightning fast with the technology. Many of them also have IEPs or 504 plans (Special Ed), are ADD, LD or have substance abuse, eating disorders or emotional or developmental concerns. A couple even have their very own parole officer! Many have GPAs above 3.5 and scored over 2000 on the SATs, even the ones with POs! Over 50% of them will be going to college, not trade schools, as Music Composition, Music Technology or Music Business majors and one third of them never studied music before they took my class. This particular collection of students is probably the most gifted and skilled class I have had in my thirteen years of teaching. There is a special kind of comfort and familiarity in an environment like this that can produce a little less

  • Wow! Absolutely inspiring post. I hope many EDU Admins and IT directors see this. Your post addresses so many questions and could inspire other teachers to explore classroom2.0 applications. You are a true pioneer! Bravo!

    • Thanks very much Michael. Nice site… added you to my personal sites to watch.

  • Hi Barbara,

    Great post – I enjoyed reading it. I have also had good experiences with Remote Desktop, though am currently without a lab (waiting for approval of some new Macs and the latest RD). The kids are always so amazed that you can access their machines like that, plus you can share their screen with everyone else in the room. I love it.

    – Matthew

  • Ginger

    I taught kids from elementary school to high school and then went into adult education and training. All over 35 years. I know whereof I speak.
    Forget the technology–except as a tool. This is one fine example of superior teaching methodology. Fit the learning, and learning environment, to the learner. It’s much more difficult without the technology. However, it ought to be the goal of every teacher. Needless to say, it ought to be the goal of every administrator and every school system but that’s another conversation!
    Now, will you come and teach me how to set up the controlled Facebook page you mentioned?

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  • This is indeed a very nice post – informative, useful and interesting. You’ve just provided more and more music teachers and studio managers out there such reliable and helpful maintaining good and effective music classroom management. Please keep on posting. Thanks again and more power. Til your next post.

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  • You Rock Barbara! This is such a useful post and some great inspiration, questions and links to check out. Look forward to keeping in contact & thanks for posting this link on the #MusEdChat