• margaret tyson

    Have you seen Loopy? The link to it is You can use it like a little recording studio, building up harmonies. Really easy to use.

  • I will check out Loopy. Could be cool. Thanks!

  • I created an metronome app that conducts real musical patterns. Maestro – presently there are eight different patterns (beats per bar) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (2+3), 5 (3+2), 6 (2+2+2), and 6 (3+3). Each pattern has three styles – legato, staccato, and non-espressivo. There is a Lite version that gives you just the 3 pattern. – also the Legato patterns – at a certain tempo – change into a “reduced” pattern. ie: the three pattern goes into one while still clicking three beats.
    Check it out. – Thanks.

    • I checked it out in the iTunes Store and your website. It looks good especially compared to other apps that try to do the same or similar. Good luck!

    • I updates Maestro – and I have an iPad version as well – it really looks great on the bigger screen. – Maestro XL.
      anyway, both have 30 patterns now. well, 120 patterns really since each pattern is in 4 styles. the patterns are like 10 beats (per bar) divided 3+2+2+3 and also 2+3+2+3 and 3+3+2+2 etc. all the combinations for 1 through 12(3+3+3+3)
      I also added subdividing clicks – eighths and triplet eighths on the iPad version.

  • Ricky Cody

    Symphony is an interesting one. It’s like a miniature Finale

  • Hi folks,
    I just released a collection of fingering apps.
    Fingering (iPhone version) , Fingering Brass for iPhone, Fingering Woodwinds for iPhone,
    Fingering for iPad, Fingering Brass, Fingering Woodwinds
    also Note Names & Pitches.

    The iPhone version has:
    Note Names (Treble, Alto, Tenor & Bass clefs); Piano; Piccolo, Concert, Alto & Bass Flutes (with minor 2nd, major 2nd, minor 3rd, major 3rd trills); Oboe, Cor Anglais (with minor 2nd, major 2nd trills); Soprano, Alto, Bass & Contrabass Clarinets (with minor 2nd, major 2nd trills); Bassoon & Contrabassoon (with minor 2nd, major 2nd trills); Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones (with minor 2nd, major 2nd, minor 3rd, major 3rd trills); F/Bb Double French Horn (Treble & Bass clefs); A, Bb, C & D Trumpet / Cornet / Flugelhorn; Tenor/Bass Trombone (Treble, Tenor & Bass clefs); Euphonium & Baritone (Treble, Tenor & Bass clefs); BBb & CC Tubas (Treble & Bass clefs)

    Fingering for iPad has Eb and F Tubas as well.

    I think it’s a valuable resource for teachers to have (it has over 1100 woodwind fingerings)
    the website explains it better. 🙂 http://fingering.patrickqkelly.com